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This website, is the online home of the Theistic Online Organization, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to theism in general, and to comparative theism in particular.

Theism, properly defined, must be concerned with a personal deity. For any religion to claim that it is “theistic” means that it cannot have an impersonal or exclusively transcendent conception of the ultimate reality. Buddhism, therefore, is an example of a non-theistic religion; while both Vaishnavism and Christianity are examples of theistic religions.

Theistic Online Organization (TOO) will concern itself primarily with the Judeo-Christian and the Vaishnava traditions. It will not, however, concern itself with the religion of Islam; first, because Islam does not welcome comparative study with other religions; and second, because its claim of being theistic is confounded by its insistence on a completely transcendent conception of its deity.

The first, and most important, question that must be asked of any theistic religion is: What does your God look like? If a truly personalistic conception of the deity is there, within the revealed scriptures of any religion, then this question should not be all that difficult to answer. And, indeed, this is the very question that the author of this website attempted to answer in the carefully researched and will documented book, “God the Father Revealed”, in relation to the deity of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

One of the areas on this website contains the first three chapters of the book, “God the Father Revealed”, which is currently available commercially only as an e-book from Amazon; although hard copies of the book (consisting of 300 pages in 5”x8” format) can be printed on request and sent by mail (USPS media class) upon receipt of advance payment [$20 postage included, by check of money order made payable to: Heavenly Waters Sanctuary, Inc. (the publisher)].

All inquiries should be sent to: Theistic Online Organization, P.O. Box 253, Hugo, OK 74743 and/or godthefatherrevealed@yahoo.com .